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Does my my forward looking privacy improve despite not remixing?


Does the crowd in which I 'hide' grow despite not remixing myself?


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🔵 New releases: Tor,, and
These releases fix a pair of denial-of-service issues. We recommend that everybody upgrade to one of the releases (,, or as they become available to you.
Full log: blog.torproject.org/node/2009

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@btcede @glennhodl @mike_4131 @Marty_P_B @bottlepay @SamouraiWallet @matt_odell @PeterMcCormack @proofofsteph @chris_belcher_ I don't have any issue with atomic swaps. I have a huge issue with the recent narrative that overt privacy-enhancing tools (like equal-output coinjoins) are a problem that needs to be fixed.

Privacy isn't a crime. Enforcing privacy isn't something that we should be ashamed of.

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This month's Samourai Wallet update is an exciting one.

Headliner: We've launched a new Whirlpool Pool that should make CoinJoin more affordable for more people, right now! The 0.001 pool has a flat fee to enter of 0.00005 BTC

Download now: samouraiwallet.com/download/wa

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🚨 PSA 🚨

To become a more sovereign mofo, I've moved all content away from hosting providers + under the bitcoiner.guide umbrella.

All redirects are in place but I'm still getting some DMs about BitcoinQnA.com not redirecting to bitcoiner.guide/qna

Additionally, all of my articles are now at bitcoiner.guide/articles

I'd be very grateful if you could share to get the word out. If you have any resources that reference my stuff, might be worth checking for broken links.

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If you have been impacted by this service or any other service when using UTXOs from Whirlpool please reach out to us ASAP with details.

We will use the information to design tools to route around their heuristics. We can move faster than they can if you communicate with us.

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@WalletScrutiny @maxtannahill @Ziya_Sadr @ddadybayo @ElectrumWallet @bithernet @bluewalletio @EdgeWallet @BRDHQ @UnstoppableByHS @Trezor @Ledger @COLDCARDwallet @SamouraiWallet In Android programming, using certain features will net you a non-reproducible build when publishing on the Google Play store.

Other programs have the same issue on Google Play.

None of these issues exist on FDroid.

You are maliciously attributing issues with Google Play to SW

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Self hosted dashboard
- dropped plex media server, moved to jellyfin
- dropped zerotier, using openvpn with a view to move to wireguard
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New video published on Youtube. How to make an automated Stowaway transaction using your Samourai Wallet


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1/ As a followup (and hopefully final comment on this mess) I've put down more of my thoughts into a more cohesive format - a new blog post:

sethsimmons.me/posts/why-i-won twitter.com/sethisimmons/statu

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94 strong team in the 'Q+A zone' E2EE matrix chat

In the last few days we have had discussions on Linux, encryption, VPN's, P2P exchanges + nodes.

Join the community and be signposted to other great rooms hosted by @biTcOinEneMiEs
+ @Diverter_NoKYC


I am seeing some onchain wizardry happening today. Great stuff 👌

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CopperheadOS Release: 2021.02.15

* UX Enhancements
* Versioning system integrated
* Chromium updated


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The @obpp_org and Justus Ranvier has released a RFC for version 3 of the Reusable Payment Code specification (known in Samourai as PayNym)! Big upgrades coming 🔥


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Brilliant, I hope you all participate. Great way to disrupt chain analysis common input heuristics while learning about PayNyms and privacy enhancing tx's like Stowaway.

Nice work @biTcOinEneMiEs 👊 twitter.com/bitcoinenemies/sta

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Standby for further instruction.

SPONSORS: Seeking giveaway prizes for torch participants. Contact now to inquire for campaign insertion opportunities.


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.@fluffypony gets it. When I grow up one day I want to be like him

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