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The year is 2023.

SEC suspends buying and selling of bitcoin at all centralised services based on a collapsing dollar.

@bisq_network users unaffected.

Like last month, @MaxBitBuyBit and I will be recording sometime over the next few days to talk about some of the stories that interest us. If you have any related Q's, fire them below or via DM.

Last month index -
Last month pod -

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February edition of is now live.

Bitcoin Monthly is an index of the main updates and developments from the last month in Bitcoin. Including :-

🔸Software updates
🔸New releases

Tor link - lq2thd4kcnqvbm6k47qkt2ctzrfd56

94 strong team in the 'Q+A zone' E2EE matrix chat

In the last few days we have had discussions on Linux, encryption, VPN's, P2P exchanges + nodes.

Join the community and be signposted to other great rooms hosted by @biTcOinEneMiEs
+ @Diverter_NoKYC

Bear market social media is much more exciting.

You should now be greeted with this when visiting in via Tor browser on desktop 😉

Self hosting feels good.

Every day your sats become more appealing to others. Take the necessary precautions.

Letting go of the guide rails can be a scary thought, but you don't need to do it all at once. Pick one, get comfortable, then move on.

Don't strive for perfection, strive for better.

Complexity is the enemy of most new bitcoiners.

You are 10x more likely to fuck yourself than have your sats taken through a hack or theft.

Keep it simple.

Anyone heard or used E foundation?

Looks like a fork of LineageOS that supports a wide range of devices. Available pre built for those that don't want to get their hands dirty.

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Mined my first 1,000,000 sats. Took 16 days. Cost about $160.00.

My utility provider could have obtained the electricity I used from coal, hydro, solar; I don't know where they got it. It doesn't matter, that's on them to source it. I paid for it & can use it however I want.

With fee collection rates like this, you better watch your back @openoms 😉

60% off mixing fees for the Samourai Wallet birthday!

Calculate your discounted mixing fees at

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Forget Clubhouse, join matrix (all welcome on my server)

- No iOS cuckery required
- No 'real names'
- E2EE
- Based users
- Not a shitcoiner in sight

Censorship can happen anytime, without warning. Start today.

Finally, given how big of an influence he's been on my journey, it would be a crime if I didn't sign off without using his tag.

H/T @diverter

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Forget the idea that it's 'not for you'. That's what I thought less than a week ago...

Want to learn more about self hosting?

- Watch this
- Read this
- Check out the apps you can easily run w/Yunohost

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