Please to announce the launch of to help you set up a sovereign 2-of-3 multisig wallet using


Also included a recovery guide using @SparrowWallet + optional mobile watch only with @bluewalletio

A brief rundown of the steps included in the guide:-

> Intro to multisig, incl benefits + risks
> Full parts list
> Specter setup
> Signing device set up
> Co-ordinate 2-of-3 in Specter
> Backup creation
> Receive addresses verification
> Spending
> Recovering into Sparrow

I'll be adding the instructions for Specter DIY as soon as I can get my hands on the parts.

This guide is aimed more towards intermediate/advanced level bitcoiners, if you're a beginner wanting to get stuck in, please use testnet first!


"Your Bitcoin security strategy should be selected with caution. In 95% of cases, the simplest option is probably the right one."


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